German dorks try to excite the crowd prior to kickof



Enormous building of dubious utility behind Fan Festival grounds

But the top makes for great viewing of the big screen

Hamburg's TV tower - simply of work of art

When bad photos inexlicably go right


Football Fever - Priceless (apart from the enormous expense of getting there & purchasing tickets & lodging)

The call of nature overrides any sense of shame

Night falls as the 2nd half begins


Torsten Frings on the big screen


Everyone thought Odonkor scored but he was ruled offside - but why not light a flare anyway

Finally in the 91st minute Odonkor crosses to Neuville who scores to begin the celebrations!

As beer rains down on me the camera loses focus while Ballack grabs Klose & Neuville to celebrate


One minute to go with kickoff after the goal

Me & this guy, bottom right, communicated with cigarettes & hugs after the goal

Full-time sparks delerium as Kopke & Klinnsman celebrate on-screen

No one knows whether to stay & celebrate or take over the town

They decide to take over the town

The shouting singing dancing crowd files down the Reeperbahn



next trip I'm staying at Harold's Hotel

Best McDonald's in the world - right above Girls Club 59

All of Hamburg was in Erotik Heaven after the match

The entire main street in Hamburg's nightlife/sex show district was full of celebrating Germans


No idea how this got on here

My unsteady hand shows even the train station signs feel the spirit of Deutschland

Oliver Kahn wie eine kleines m├Ądchen